What is the most hated kpop group in the world? - (2023)

Korean culture has become one of the most famous and popular cultures around the world. Korean dramas like Goblin and Crash Landing On You, Korean food like Kimchi and Ramyon, and Kpop groups like BTS and Big Bang are becoming people's choice day by day. Korean songs are becoming as popular as English or Bollywood songs, people started to have kpop idols and kpop groups worshiping like a god every day.

While there are several kpop groups that are becoming more popular by the day, there are some groups that are finding immense love not just in Korea but in different countries around the world, like BTS. The Kpop group has a huge BTSArmy (BTS fans). People all over the world are crazy about BTS. But there are also many Kpop groups that receive a lot of hate from the public. There are many reasons why the public doesn't like a certain kpop group, sometimes it's because of the group members' behavior or maybe sometimes they just don't like the songs or projects created by the groups. While there are so many kpop groups that fall into the love it or hate it category, here is a kpop group that has received the most flak from the public over the years in the kpop world.

Most hated kpop group

What is the most hated kpop group in the world? - (1)

The kpop group that tops the list of most hated kpop bands is Blackpink. Blackpink is one of the most successful girl groups in the world of kpop. His songs have been circulating around the world, as much as fame gives him a huge following, it also brings a lot of criticism and unnecessary hate, and unfortunately, stars have to face both sides of the coin. But when it comes to Blackpink, the group is hated for pretty unnecessary reasons. Basically, Blackpink needs to be criticized for everything including the lyrics of their songs, the music used in their songs, the music videos they released, their dancing and performances and also theInstagramPhotos to post on your personal social media account. People are ready to point out everything they do, making them this year's most hated kpop group.

Once, a member of the group Blackpink, Jennie, posted a photo of her posing in front of Elon Musk's space rocket. The kpop idol received a lot of hate for posing in front of the space rocket, her comment section was full of people calling her a capitalist. There is another incident when Jennie and Rose flew to Las Vegas on behalf of the company to fulfill their work obligations. But people hounded them saying they were wasting their money for no reason and didn't respect their success. This is the kind of hate and criticism that Blackpink has to endure even after being such a successful kpop band. Some people might say this is a crisis time and they shouldn't waste it unnecessarily just because they are privileged.

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Why is Blackpink hated?

There is such a large audience that each person has a different reason to hate a specific kpop idol, but there are some common reasons why blackpink receive hate and criticism. The first thing people think about this group is that they aren't talented enough. Much of the public thinks Blackpink is talentless and doesn't deserve the success they're having.

Talking about her dancing, many people say that the blackpink in her music videos is not fun. They always repeat the same steps and form of choreography. And even after repeating the same step every time, they don't come through with energy or enthusiasm, making your music video boring. People think that the group doesn't have any kind of stage presence even in live performances and concerts. Blackpink is often seen underperforming and lightly dancing during concerts, which is not fun at all.

It's evident that when we watch a music video or go to a live concert, we're there to boost our energy and refresh our spirit, fully immersing ourselves in the songs and fun energy. But when the singers themselves seem boring and give off negative energy, everyone will criticize it, as it lowers their expectations of something they expected.

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Another reason why people hate Blackpink's work is that the songs created by the group are very boring, as they are a repetition of the same three or four words. Most songs created by Blackpink have the same two or three words that are repeated throughout the music video. It makes your music boring and less fun. This is also one of the reasons why people think that Blackpink is not talented enough and cannot create good content in the music industry. Making songs with more lyrical content can make people like your songs more.

Jennie is one of the members of Blackpink. She is the person who gets the most hate compared to the other Blackpink members. The reason why Jennie gets the most flak is that she is known to be a very lazy person. Even during her stage performances, she is seen dancing poorly and not doing the right moves. Laziness spoils the entire mood of the group, leaving them colorless and dry as a bone. People often comment that she is only successful because she is part of the Blackpink group. If she was a single kpop star, she would never get this big because of her laziness.

Another group member Lisa was criticized for copying Ariana Grande. Lisa has openly expressed her affection for Ariana Grande, she has always said that she wants to become like Ariana and adores her. Due to her fondness for Ariana Grande, she is often seen copying her style. Most of the time, Lisa wears the same clothes, poses the same way, and does the same signature ponytail as Ariana. According to people, it was good that Lisa idolized Ariana Grande, but as a huge kpop star, she should have her own individuality. She must focus on becoming as successful as Ariana Grande, but this must be done without losing her own individuality. Fans of her think that she can make more of an impact by showing her true style and personality instead of being a copycat.

One of the most popular members of Blackpink is Ji Soo. She is the main vocalist of the group Blackpink. Being such a famous singer, she is often criticized by the public for many things. The most common reason why the singer faces hate is because of her chubby nature, Ji Soo is a bit chubby, which is why, despite being the most beautiful singer, she is often embarrassed by the public. Another reason why she is hated is her sense of humor. She can often be seen taking the lead in every interview, having fun and cracking jokes. People complain that she steals the spotlight from shows and interviews and leaves the other group members behind as the center of attraction. People expect her to give equal importance to the other members of the group, since she is on a team, and she must be concerned with making other team members stand out. Ji Soo is not only a singer but also a great actress, recently she appeared in the Korean drama Snowdrop alongside famous Korean actor Jung Hae-in. The show became a huge hit around the world.

What is the most hated kpop group in the world? - (3)

Blackpink's second main dancer is Rose. The reason why people don't like her is because of her overreactions. They think she tries to look pretty during interviews but ends up delivering some criminal content that people don't like. Many people think that on this day she is a boring cat who looks emotionless. Even if they think Rose is cute for a second or two, the way she talks pisses people off. They think Rose should try to be herself instead of going overboard to look like a cute little doll.

Even after being one of the most popular kpop bands, Blackpink failed to win people's hearts. Each Blackpink member is a hated personality and has different personality traits. Fans always comment that the group doesn't deserve the success they're having and the only reason they managed to become such a big kpop band is because of YG. But even after so much criticism, there are many people who think that blackpink is often criticized too much and people are generally unreasonable when it comes to their hatred of blackpink.

It is also believed that people hate this group because it is a female band and people find it difficult to accept the success of four women in a patriarchal world and cannot digest the success of these girls. But at the end of the day, this is a huge world with so many opinions and thoughts that we cannot decide who is right about their hate and who is wrong. But so much criticism has made the group stronger and more successful over the years. They may have a lot of people who hate them, but the group also shares a good following who stick up for them and choose to stay true to their idol no matter what people say.

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blackpink day

What is the most hated kpop group in the world? - (4)

Blackpink is one of the most famous Korean girl groups creating kpop, hip-hop, EDM and trap music. The group was formed in 2016 by YJ Entertainment. The group consists of four South Korean girls named Ji Soo, Rose, Jennie, and Lisa. The four debuted together for the first time in August 2016 with a single called Square One. They became an instant hit with their first album on South Korea's Gaon Digital Chart and Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart.

Among the most famous song releases is Ice Cream, which was released in 2020 and peaked at number 13 on the Billboard 200. The best-selling song includes The Album, which was also released in 2020 and ranked at number 2 on the Billboard 200. The album became the band's first song to sell over 1 million copies worldwide. Blackpink, topping the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, is the first Korean girl group to top the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart and has also topped the Billboard World Digital Sales Chart not once, but three times. Blackpink's music videos such as "Kill This Love" and "How You Like That" are notoriously the most viewed videos in a 24-hour period on YouTube. Blackpink is one of the most successful kpop groups, having set numerous records in their six-year career. They are also listed twice in Guinness World Records.

Blackpink made their international breakthrough in 2018 and 2019 and also went on a world tour. The group launched the first reality show called Blackpink House on January 16, 2018. The show had 12 episodes which were released consecutively in 2018. The 12 episodes were about the girls who spent a hundred days together on vacation. The Blackpink group is not only famous in Korea, but has also released their music in Japan. All of their songs are equally popular in Japan too, they basically released the same songs in Japanese. The songs released by Blackpink are mainly from the EDM and pop genres with some elements of hip hop and trap. The lyrics of her songs are mostly based on female empowerment, female independence, summer romance, toxic relationships and breakups.

In the early years of their careers, the girls experimented a lot with what kind of music they wanted to work on. They also dabbled in rapping and other powerful forms of singing in their early days. But eventually, after many successes and attempts, the group found success in the music industry. The group name "Blackpink" represents the two sides of the girls. Rose, her lead dancer, said that blackpink basically relates to black because it's wild and powerful, and pink to the feminine nature that all girls have. So this name suggests both the cute side and the wild side of girls. This is also the concept of this kpop band, which means that women can be cute and wild.

Blackpink became an established kpop band. The girls are known as the queens of the kpop world. In 2019, the girls ranked No. 1 on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list. Despite all the criticism the group has faced, they are undoubtedly one of the most powerful and successful kpop singers, as well as the most successful celebrities. powerful in the world. They started from scratch and today they dominate the kpop world. They keep breaking records with their music releases, and these records are broken not only in Korea but in many other countries as well.

blackpink new song

Blackpink recently released their new song titled "Pink Venom". The official music video is available on Youtube and is part of the Born Pink album. Blackpink members will go on a world tour in a few months. It's a hip hop song with Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa rapping. The music video has already surpassed millions of views on Youtube. Even Instagram videos and reels were flooded with this audio. People appreciated the overall look, especially their costumes and music.

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